A Nation Under Seige

A Nation Under Seige

Curfewed Kashmir

Imagine a nation once called heaven on earth and now an open air prison…
Imagine an Entire 7 Million Population Caged in an Open-Air Prison. Imagine living in maze of military camps in every neighbourhood. Imagine. Imagine that psychological trauma. Imagine getting used to that trauma.


Imagine 6 days inside your homes, while an Army trooper is patrolling on your doors. Imagine your baby crying hungry, and you run out of baby food. Imagine youngsters like you and me, running underground to save themselves from getting detained and tortured.


Imagine Doctors being told to not ‘declare’ the ‘dead’ as dead. Imagine Mothers weeping from the window-sills while their kids are shot dead. Imagine their desperation. Imagine funerals being fired upon and the dead bodies desecrated.


Imagine a ‘Democracy” which doesn’t allow you to utter the word ‘Freedom’. Imagine a Democracy which is actually an occupation-Colonization. Imagine your father being taken away and never returning. Imagine your mother weeping silently inside. Imagine the kid dying inside everyday


Imagine your source of entertainment, stories of martyrs, rapes and massacres. Imagine your football field surround by Military Camps. Imagine being slapped in the streets for not having an ‘Identity card’.


Imagine the definition of peace: “Only 10 dead, it happens. ” Imagine the definition of normalcy: Protesters are ‘agitational’ terrorist.

Imagine living in that place for one day.

I have since 20 years. I have lived in Kashmir.


Kashmir Siege: Day 6

“Those who will venture out of homes will be dealt with strong action (meaning shot dead)” This is the announcement currently going on in Kashmir. Entire Kashmir has been put under siege. Tomorrow Friday prayers will not be allowed, Internet has been jammed. Tomorrow nobody will take bread or milk or baby food.

Tomorrow Kashmir is like the World’s Biggest Open-Air Prison Camp.

Text : Mohammad Faysal


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